Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Dear Gavin,
It has been a strange week here at Gramma and Papa's house. Gramma has been really crabby. Some of these people that camp are making Gramma say strange things! She said she felt like pulling all of her hair out! This scares me! When I get scared.........I hide.

Why would Gramma pull her hair out? What would that look like? Would it scare me? These are things that I need to know!

This is where I like to hide........ under the table. I sometimes take Oscar's ball with me, you know, just in case I want to chew on something. Gramma took this picture of me. I wasn't sure what she was doing until I saw that flash. Oscar told me to try to look more dignified. I do not know if I did it. Do you think I am dignified? What is dignified, any way?

I thought I was in big trouble here. I would not show my face to Gramma. Can you see me? I can only see with one eye. See that? I am hiding really good. She always finds me, though. She is really sneaky, this Gramma of yours. She has found all of my hiding places! Guess what else she does? She will pretend that she is going to give me a treat and then she will show me something that I have chewed up! I think that this is very unfair of her to trick me like that!

Emmy has hurt her back again. I heard Papa and Gramma talking and they think I might have done it! I will admit that I do like to run and tackle her to the ground. Gramma says that I must stop! Papa even used his mean voice and told me to lay off of it. I am confused about that..... lay off of what? Gramma told Papa to quit scolding me. She said that I am just a puppy and that I don't know my own strength!

I am not a puppy anymore! I am full grown, I tell you. Gramma is right about one thing, though. I am very strong! You will be very surprised when you see me again and see how high I can jump! I am fast, too! Gramma says things like "not so fast, there, buddy" to me all the time.

Come to think of it, going fast is one of those things that the campers do that she does not like. One man told Gramma to shut up this weekend and boy did she get mad. She wrote a letter to some body about it. She was talking to herself while she wrote it. She kept saying "tell me to shut up". I am glad I am not that person!

So, I will tell you this. Do not ever tell your mom to shut up. I do not want her to write a letter to your boss! Remember to be a good boy.........and that you are MY boy. I love you.

Your dog,

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