Friday, October 21, 2011

Nap Time

Dear Gavin,

Your new puppy, Max, sure does like to sleep. I enjoy a quality nap myself. I like to sit close to Gramma while she works on the computer and have a nice little snooze. I can feel her hand pet me from time to time and her leg is nice and warm. Oscar likes to be alone while he naps and the girl dogs like to lay in the sun, while us boy dogs like to be inside. We like to be close to Gramma, you know. In case she might need us. To protect her.

I was enjoying just such a nap yesterday with Max asleep behind me. He got up and then turned around to get comfortable, then went back to sleep. He likes to be close to Gramma, too. He is a boy dog, like me and Oscar.

He is too small to protect her. Gramma wishes he would sleep like this at night. I heard her tell Pap that she was up twice with Max last night.

Gramma sure does like to take pictures of Max while he sleeps.

And sleeps.

She even takes his picture while she holds him and he sleeps.

Last night she put him in a wash bucket and put it right beside the bed. She said she was tired of having to go all the way into the store to get him out of his kennel when he cried. Gramma says that he has separation anxiety. I don't know what that is, do you? Oscar says that he was taken from his mother too soon. Wait ......... that can happen? I don't remember my dog mother ....... did you ever see my dog mother? Did she look like me, or do I look like her? What about my dog father? Oh, no, do I have that anxiety thing, too? Will I need to have a shot? Do they have shots for that? Oh, I hope I don't have it. I can't get it from the puppy, Max, can I?

Gramma was laughing at me! She told me that I was fine and that she would take care of me. She said that I was just have a nervous personality. Is that a disease? Oh, I am so worried! How did I get this personality disease? You don't have it do you? I need a nap.

Gramma says that I can nap tomorrow in the car. The car? We are going in the car? I do not enjoy rides, as she well knows, so why are we going in the car? Oh, I am going to see you. I can't wait! I will sleep in the car so that I don't see other cars whizzing by and making me feel sick in my stomach. Then I will wake up and you will be there. I can ride if I get to see you. It will be okay if I get to see you. Gramma said that we are going to meet you in Iowa and give Max to you.

Max is leaving? Oh, that's another reason to get in the car! I wasn't going to mention it, but he getting way too attached to Gramma! He thinks she is his mother! He needs to have a boy. I am okay with him having you for his boy, after all, you are the best boy a dog could have. I will trust you to take good care of a little puppy who misses his dog mother and his brothers and sisters.

Your first scared little puppy, Wall-E

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