Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Ice Anyone?

Dear Gavin,

I have not been able to write for so long. Gramma is always busy these days. It is warm again and she goes out side to work on the gardens. It is okay. Us dogs go out, too. Well, except for Oscar. He likes to stay inside and nap. He is old, you know. Emmy is old, too, but she enjoys napping in the sun. Toni and I run and play.

The puppy called Toni is one strange creature, I tell you! Every time she hears Papa getting ice for his big bubba mug she runs to the door and cries. She likes ice! She acts like Papa is giving her a treat. She grabs this ice and goes off to eat it. She crunches it and won't share! So, the rest of us dogs thought we should have some of this ice, too.

I begged and Oscar begged. Emmy never begs, she just waits for someone to bring the treat to where she is ......... and they always do. Papa gave me this treat called ice. It was cold on my tongue! I had to spit it out and then Oscar grabbed it. I was going to just let him have it, but he spit it out, too. He said it made his teeth hurt. Papa offered us another piece of this ice, but we just left it there for the puppy called Toni. She ate them all and it was okay with us. Emmy did not eat her ice either. She has bad teeth.

I said that Emmy had bad teeth, but she doesn't have all of her teeth! Gramma said it was because she refused to let her brush them when she was young. Gramma has never even tried to brush mine! I have never seen Oscar get his brushed, either. Gramma brushes her teeth and Papa brushes his teeth. It make their breath smell minty fresh. I am not really sure what that means, but I heard it on TV. But, I was wondering why she was not brushing my teeth.

I don't want to lose my teeth like Emmy! Then I remembered that Gramma has this spray stuff she puts in our mouths, so I asked Oscar what that was. I like it, it tastes good and it doesn't hurt. She just lifts one side of our lips and sprays. That's all. She told us that it helps get the tartar off of our teeth. Is tartar bad? It must be if Gramma wants it gone!

Gramma says that my teeth look very healthy. She said that Oscar has healthy teeth, too. She said that he has always kept his teeth clean by chewing on his ball. That must be why Gramma does not scold him for chewing up his balls! The puppy called Toni must have the best teeth in the world ..... she chews up everything! Even ice!!

My time with Gramma is up, but always remember that I love you and to brush your teeth every day!

Your smiling dog, Wall-E

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