Saturday, October 15, 2011

There Is A New Kid In Town

Dear Gavin,

Things around here were going just fine. The puppy called Toni was coming along with her training and not peeing in the floor as much. Gramma tells her what a good girl she is all the time. I don't suppose Gramma has seen all the holes she has dug in the back yard. I am enjoying having her to play with. I guess Gramma was right about me needing a companion to play with. Sometimes I try to act like I don't like her so much, but Gramma always knows what is best for me. Papa said so.

Oscar and Emmy are getting old and I did not realize just how much they sleep! I guess cause I was taking naps with them. Toni and I like to go outside and run round and round the yard. Emmy likes to lay in sun and sleep. Oscar refuses to go out unless he has to. Gramma says he is a lazy old man.

That cat that lives on the front porch, her name is Smokey or Spooky, depending on who you ask; well, she is very old and skinny! She likes to come inside and eat dog food. I personally don't have any objections, but Oscar is opposed to this. Gramma says that he is greedy and fat. I don't know what greedy is, but she is right about the fat part. Gramma doesn't want the cat to come inside because she gets sick when she eats our food and Gramma has to clean it up. That cat has a perfectly good house on the front porch, lined with a warm wool blanket. She has food and water, too. Gramma sees to that and Papa feeds her, too. So, I don't understand why that cat is so skinny.

But, that is not why I am writing this letter. Do you see this puppy? Gramma says that he looks like me. I don't think so. I have seen myself in a thing called a mirror. I barked until Gramma told me that I was barking at myself. I felt foolish when I realized that she was right. Gramma says that this white little puppy looks like me when I was a little puppy. Do you think so?

Gramma brought this puppy into our house and showed him to Oscar. He sniffed him, them glared at Gramma. I was outside and she brought him outside to see the rest of us dogs. Emmy took one look and turned her back to Gramma. This what she does when she is not happy with Gramma. The puppy called Toni wanted Gramma to toss the little white puppy across the yard so that we could chase him. She is really not all that smart, I tell you. Me? I thought that this was a visitor's puppy and that Gramma was just showing it to us.

I was wrong! Do you see this? Gramma is all huggy with this puppy, talking about the sweet smell of puppy breath. Oscar was so disgusted. Have I told you that he is not enchanted with the puppy called Toni? He merely tolerates her presence because he knows that Gramma will swat him if he tries to bite her. Emmy says that she will see if this new puppy would like to be groomed and Toni still was to chase it.

Gramma said that I had to write a letter so that you could see your new puppy! What? "No, I will not!" I said. Gramma explained that the little white puppy was homeless and that she thought he would like to live with you in Minnesota. She said that since he looked like me when I was a puppy that he would be the perfect little puppy for you. I was really upset until she explained this to me. I guess he does sort of look like me. He is really cute ..... like me. He does have puppy breath, I smelled it. So, I guess he should go live with you.

Gramma said he would need to sleep in a kennel. You know that I will not give up my safe house, right? Well, Gramma has a smaller kennel and he is sleeping in it right now. Gramma says that you will love this white puppy that needs a name. So, what will you name this white puppy that looks like me? Hurry and let us know. We can't keep calling him the puppy without a name!

Just remember that I was the very first puppy you loved, okay? I will always love you the best.

Your first dog, Wall-E

P.S. Hey, that's my blanket the puppy without a name is sleeping on!!

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