Thursday, November 3, 2011

It Was One Long Day!

Dear Gavin,

Why do you live so far away?? Gramma said that you were meeting us half-way. That sounded good. Until Oscar pointed out that we would still have to drive home. I suppose the whole day would have been better if we had left Papa at home. He was in a bad mood.

Gramma told him that she planned to drive the first half since she knew he was tired and his neck was hurting, but he insisted on driving. I will tell you once again that I am not a fan of road trips. I am especially not a fan of road trips in Gramma's car. I don't care where I try to sit or lie down I can see trucks and cars whizzing by and I do not like it!! Oscar insists on sitting in the front seat with Gramma. Emmy sits on top of Oscar. Oscar says that this is the way they always ride and for the rest of us dogs to find another seat. He is so bossy. I prefer to ride in Gramma's arms, with my face buried in her neck. She will pet me and tell me everything is alright and I feel safe in this position.

Gramma has managed to get all three of us dogs in her lap before. But their were five of us dogs on this trip. Max, the new puppy wanted to ride in Gramma's arms. I know that he might look like me when I was a mere pup, but, that does not mean he can take my place! The puppy called Toni was jumping and leaping and going to the front and then to the back and creating havoc. There was a time when Gramma had all five of us in her lap. She had put our favorite big blanket in the back of the car, along with a kennel for new puppy, Max. Gramma got tire of all of us in her lap and she made all of us get in the back. New puppy, Max, went to sleep and I tried to stay still ..... really I did. Papa couldn't seem to keep the wheels off those kerdunkity things on the side of the road. Every time he hit them it scared me and I would jump into the front to Gramma. Gramma would ask Papa to let her drive, but he would say he was fine.

Gramma and Papa were not using happy voices and Papa hit the kerdunkity things one last time and I accidentally clawed Gramma when I jumped into her lap. She yelled at Papa to pull over and then she took the wheel. I must say that the ride was much smoother with Gramma behind the wheel. We can keep that between us, okay?

All of dogs finally went to sleep and we woke up, Gramma was pulling into a parking lot. I wondered if us dogs were suppose to get out and do our business, because Gramma was attaching leads to our harnesses. I looked up and I SAW YOU!!!!!!! You were right there at my window. I was so happy to see you, my boy. You did not reach for the new puppy, Max, no you did not! You wanted to see me!

The trip home was better. Papa tried to drive again and Gramma made him pull over again and he slept. Gramma was not happy with his behavior. He wanted to make you and your mom drive the whole way and Gramma wanted you to be able to get Max as soon as possible so that he would not be so attached to her. Gramma muttered while she drove. Papa can't hear very well anyway and he was sleeping, so he didn't hear all the things she said ......... but us dogs did. She wasn't happy, that's all I am going to say.

Us dogs were happy to get home. The puppy called Toni and I went into the back yard and ran and ran. We were worried that we wouldn't be able to sleep, since we slept all day in the car, but we did! I wish I could have played with you when I saw you. I was happy to see Max go home with you. I told him that he had to be good and play nice with you. He will grow and then he can protect you, too. Gramma says that he is happy to be with you and that he plays with you. She did say that your mom was really smitten by Max. That's okay, cause I know that you will always love me the best. I mean, what's not to love?

Your best dog, Wall-E

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  1. I loved this it was so touching what a loving dog Wall E is.........