Monday, July 18, 2011

Puppy Breath

Dear Gavin,

Gramma has been going on and on about puppy breath and how great it is. She has been telling Papa that we need a puppy. She says that we need this puppy for me. What? Why do I need a puppy? I am perfectly happy being the youngest dog here. Why, oh why would I want a puppy to come in and take Gramma and Papa's love from me? They already tried this with that bloodhound, Zeke, and we all know how well that turned out.

Gramma has been showing Papa pictures of puppies and asking what he thinks. Papa and I will look and Papa will say, "We don't need another dog." I could not agree more! But, last week Gramma saw a picture of a puppy right here in our city and she looked like Emmy. Papa was quite taken with the image of this dog and when Gramma told him that the animal shelter was over crowded, he went to take a look at this little dog that held such a likeness to our Emmy. This dog was said to be a mix between a dachshund and a chihuahua ............ a chiweenie! Her face looked like Emmy, but her ears were sticking up like mine.

I suppose you know that he came home with her. She is kind of cute. She doesn't look as much like Emmy in person as she did in the picture, though. She has puppy breath and Gramma is all smitten with her, letting her give her lots and lots of kisses. I confess that I do not like it when Gramma or Papa hold this new dog with her puppy breath. Gramma is calling her Toni. Because we have Oscar and Emmy, she said we need a Toni. How come I am not named after an award?

Gramma reminded me that I was named by my boy and that I am the only dog here with his very own boy. I am special. Gramma calls me Wall-E, the wonder dog! Okay, I feel much better now. I have my very own blog so that I can write letters to you. And Toni is my new playmate. She is kind of cute, don't you think?

She is taller than me, this new dog named Toni with puppy breath. Her legs are freakishly long ..... Gramma said so. She can jump really high and she chases me! Gramma says her bark is as high pitched and annoying as mine! I have to teach her things. Like how to catch a frisbee and how to take Oscar's ball and not get bitten. Emmy does not care for this new dog. She won't even sniff her puppy breath!

I must go now, I heard Gramma say something about our monthly bath and that Toni arrived just in time ............. I think it is time to show her some hiding places, don't you?

I will be thinking about you as I get my bath tonight. I have not forgotten our deal to to behave while we get our baths and showers.

Your faithful dog, Wall-E


  1. Toni is kind of cute, and I bet she'll play with you more than Oscar or Emmy will! I hope you have lots of fun with her, after that bath! *shudder*


  2. Wall-E!
    Yes. Toni is adorable!
    I am sure you two will get along pretty well!
    Kisses and hugs

  3. A new puppy!!!!

    We got a new dog in our house too. She growls at me, but I just ignore her.

    I am sure that you and the new dog will become friends.