Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Dear Gavin,

Gramma was so excited last night when your mom called and told her the news. Us dogs could tell that whatever she was saying to Gramma made her very happy. We waited patiently for her to get off the phone and then she told us ................ you and your mom are coming here in just nine days! I could hardly believe my ears and now my tail won't stop wagging. I am so excited to see you!

Gramma will make a snow cone for you, any flavor you want. These things are good. I know because if you squish them in your hand they will spill and I have licked up some spills. Papa tends to pour too much of the yummy syrup and cause them to overflow when he makes them. I think I like banana the best. Emmy prefers watermelon and Oscar says he would rather have something solid to snack on .........

............ like when someone drops a cookie!

I like popcorn, too. Gramma says that Maya, Jada and Zara will be coming, too. Emmy says she will be hanging out under the dining table. She says there will be plenty of spills and food dropped ............ She is beside herself with joy. Gramma says that means she is happy, but I don't know exactly how one gets to be beside them self. Emmy says to just let it go, it is one of those sayings that make no sense. People are funny, you know.

I heard Gramma asking your mom what kind of cake she wants. Today is your mom's birthday and you have a birthday in just eight days! We will celebrate while you are here! Just getting to play with you is reason enough for me to celebrate .............. but, cake, too. I think I might even be beside myself with joy!

I will be resting up until you get here.

Let them eat cake! Your celebrating dog, Wall-E


  1. I know your must be very excited Wall-E!
    Your boy will be soon with you!
    Kisses and hugs

  2. I'm so happy for you, Wall E! Enjoy your time with your boy!