Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Goodbyes Are Sad

Dear Gavin,

I was so sad when you left. I wanted to go with you, but I wanted to stay with Papa, too. Gramma scolded Papa. She told Papa that he should let me go with my boy. Papa loves me. A lot. He told Gramma that he couldn't let me go because he loves me. Gramma said that she loves me, too ............. but she loves you more. I love you, too. I love Papa, too. Papa told Gramma to let Oscar go home with you. Why would Oscar go home with you? You are not his boy!

So, there I was in your arms. As much as I don't like car rides, I was willing to take one just to be with you.

Everyone was talking at once. Gramma was taking pictures and crying .......... she always cries when you leave. I was thinking that I would need all my stuff. I have stuff, you know. Actually I have a lot of stuff. Gramma has some sweaters for me ........... she can keep those. But I have toys and pillows and stuff. My kennel and my blankets, oh, and my treats. I have a supply of delicious treats. I get one every morning from Papa. Gramma says that Papa should make us dogs earn those treats, but Papa just gives them to us. Gramma makes me sit pretty.

I jumped down to tell your mom about the treats and that is when Uncle Jeffy said that there was not enough room for me in his van. He said that it was not his van and that Aunt Diane would not want a dog in it. I think he made that up because he felt bad for Papa.

You were so disappointed! Gramma said that her heart was breaking to see you so sad. She was crying and you were crying and I did not know what to do.

Gramma put me in your arms so that I could comfort you. I felt your tears on my neck and I knew what Gramma meant about feeling like her heart was breaking. I was so sad to hear you cry.

Gramma told me that she would take me with her when she went to see you. She told Papa that he would have to buy a puppy for you. I will need to go and see this puppy when you get him. I will need to teach him so many things. Just don't get a big puppy like Zeke. Big puppies are hard to handle ......... just ask Gramma. She will tell you. I am glad to know that you made it home. I heard Gramma talk to you last night.

I will be dreaming of you, my boy. Don't ever forget that I love you!

Your faithful dog, Wall-E


  1. Wall E, I feel very sad, too. I think that maybe it is the best place for you to stay where you are, though. I hope your boy can come back soon.


  2. Wall-E!
    I cried too looking at your pictures!
    Sure it was sad to say good bye to him... but time flies and I am sure you will see him again soon!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs