Saturday, May 28, 2011

Moles and Obsessions

Dear Gavin,

I keep waiting for the air to become warm, cause I know that means you will be coming soon. But, I have to tell you it has been downright cold at night. I don't mind cold air so much. I sleep next to Papa, under the covers, and we stay all nice and toasty warm. The thing I don't like is thinking it will be longer until I see you.

I think it is supposed to be warm by now. I heard Gramma say so. Gramma was busy all day yesterday. She only came into the house to let us dogs out every few hours. Yesterday morning, the most disturbing thing happened. Gramma was brushing her teeth and us dogs were waiting on the love seat for her. Oscar and I always try to get to the warm spot she leaves first. Oscar was going to beat me again, I thought. But all of a sudden he jumped up and started barking his warning bark. He was mad, let me tell you! The hair on his back was standing straight up! Have you ever seen this happen? When Oscar and Emmy get mad or scared, a line of hair straight down the middle of the backs stands on end. What? Oh, Gramma says this also happens to me. Well, as you know, I cannot see my own back.

But, I digress. I like this new word 'digress' and have been waiting so long to use it. It means that I got a little off subject. So, as I was saying, Oscar jumped up and I thought I was going to get the warm spot until I looked up to see what had him so riled up ............ there was a man close up to our window looking in!!!!!!! Emmy and I joined in to let Gramma know that we had an intruder on our front porch. It was still early in the morning. Gramma's computer was still open on the table beside us. Gramma takes her computer into the store when she goes in to open it up and talk to all the campers.

Gramma came into the living room and she was still in her nightshirt, the great big t-shirt that your Uncle Jeff gave her from his work. She saw this intruder and the others with him. She was not very happy, either. She went back to her room and got dressed, then she went to the door and asked these people what they wanted .......... after she called Papa on her cell phone to tell him that we were being invaded by imbeciles. I am not sure what that means. Neither does Oscar, but we don't think it is good. After that, we hardly saw Gramma all day and she was so tired last night, she didn't even play with me before we got into bed. I sure hope that you will be here soon. A young dog like me needs to play!

Do you see this creature? Papa found it in the pool skimmer and brought it up to show us. Oscar and Emmy knew what it was and so did Papa. Do you know what this creature is? It is a mole. He digs tunnels under ground. Sometimes we see the dirt where one has been. It makes Papa crazy when he is mowing. He buys these stick things that make smoke to scare the mole away. Gramma says it is an obsession of his. I think this means he really likes doing it.

This mole drowned in the pool. Gramma said the water temperature was too low to be swimming. Wonder why this mole was swimming? I have never been swimming. I am not that fond of being wet. Gramma makes us dogs have a bath once a month ........ is this an obsession of Gramma's? Emmy tells me that she went into a mole hole once when she lived in Minnesota and pulled the mole out! We have agreed that moles are really ugly creatures. I was wondering, though, would Gramma bathe this mole and cut his toenails if he lived with us? Oscar says I am being silly. Gramma says that I am curious.

Whatever I am, I am always your dog first.

Your curious, silly dog ............. Wall-E


  1. Wall E, I think that mole must have taken a wrong turn in Albuquerque! I hope that it warms up soon for a lot of reasons, but especially so that your boy will get there to visit you. Is he going to spend the summer with you? Mom says she and Aunt Julie used to go and stay all summer with her grandma and papa in Alabama and it was the best of times!


  2. Wall-E!
    Sounds very scary to see those intruders there!
    Glad everything is ok!
    Poor mole! maybe he did not know how to swim!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs