Friday, June 10, 2011

I Am Waiting ........

Dear Gavin,

Today is the day!! You are coming today! I have been waiting all week. I almost wish Gramma had not told me that you were coming. Waiting is hard. I keep looking out the window, hoping to see you getting out of Uncle Jeff's van. Lots of kids come here every day to swim, so I keep thinking that you are here. But, not yet.

Gramma has been busy all week. She has the extra bedroom all ready for you and the girls. She said that your mom and Uncle Jeff can decide who gets the big bed and who gets the cot. All I know is ........ I am sleeping with you! If you will just hurry and get here!

Gramma has clean sheets on all the beds and she sent Papa to the store for food. She is making a birthday cake for you and your mom. I did not forget that yesterday was your birthday!!!!! You are seven years old now. Gramma says that you are very independent for your age. I did not know what that meant, but Emmy says it means that you do things for yourself.

Gramma was talking on the phone and petting me today. She was talking about you coming here to see me. Anyhow, she was rubbing my neck and it felt really good, cause the spot she was rubbing was itchy and sore. She stopped talking about you and shouted "a tick ......... Wall-E has a tick on his neck!" I froze to that that spot while Gramma removed that blood thirsty tick from my neck! Now I know why I was itching. Gramma killed that hateful pest and then she gave my neck a thorough search. She checked me all over and then she checked Oscar and Emmy, too. Gramma does not like ticks. She said that it was time for our special flea and tick remedy anyway. Then she said that bad word that I do not like ............. she said that we would have to have a bath!!

She made me go first. I tried to hide in my kennel with your shoes, but when Gramma is determined, there is really no way to stop her. At least she didn't go pawing through my treasures this time. I have some things hidden in my kennel that I do not want her to throw away. Like your old shoes. I have been hiding things under the pillow. I know, it is only a matter of time until she finds them.

Speaking of time ........... isn't it time for you to be here?

Your waiting dog, Wall-E


  1. Wall E, I hope that Gavin is there by now and that you are curled up sleeping together! I hope you have a long summer together ahead of you and all the fun in the world!


  2. I am sure you are now having a great time with Gavin!
    Please say hello to him from us!
    Have fun!
    Kisses and hugs