Monday, April 25, 2011

Hide And Seek

Dear Gavin,

Gramma said she felt uninspired to write, so I am taking over today. She wanted to show me pictures that she took of you, but she lost her camera cords at your house. She was looking to buy more, but your mom called and said she found them! Gramma was very happy about that, let me tell you! You know she loves to take pictures, but she couldn't even charge her camera!

Enough about that. Uncle Jeffy sent this picture to her so that she could show me. She tells me that you were at the American Girl store. Were you the only boy there?? Gramma says that you were a good sport. Sport? I thought that was playing baseball. Words are very confusing sometimes. Is that Kiley? How did she get there? Gramma says that Kiley flew on a plane for the very first time to go see you. She says that you guys were busy the whole time and had great fun.

I am happy that you had fun, but I wanted to tell you about some of the fun I have been having. Did you know that it has been raining almost every day this month? This month is April and Gramma tells me that April showers bring May flowers. She has lots of these sayings; Papa told me so. I don't know about flowers. There are these yellow flowers everywhere, but Gramma says that they are weeds. The way she says it make me think that weeds are not good things. She pulls them up and puts them in a pile that she burns. I don't think she likes them. They are everywhere and I kind of think they are cool. In our yard they grew very tall. Gramma wanted to mow them down, but the rain keeps coming and Papa tells her it is too wet to mow.

These flowers that Gramma calls dandelions are not yellow anymore. They are very tall and have these fluffy poms poms where the yellow flowers used to be. Us dogs pretend that we are in a jungle when we go out between rain storms. I even managed to hide behind a big clump of these dandelion weeds. I blend better, since my fur is white and Oscar and Emmy have black fur. I like to hide and wait for Oscar to walk by, then I jump into the air and pounce on him. He will chase me round and round the yard. Sometimes he will growl and snap at me, though. That means he doesn't want to play. Gramma says that we are playing hide and seek. She told me that you like that game, too. Maybe you will want to play when you come to see me this summer.

Now that I have told you about the game, I think I will go to the door so that Gramma will take us outside. Remember that I love you ........... and don't get lost in the dandelion fluff!

Your clever dog, Wall-E

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  1. Your boy sure was brave to go into that store! I heard that it's Girl Heaven.

    Hide and seek in the dandelions sounds like fun!