Thursday, April 21, 2011

Gramma Is Home!!!

Dear Gavin,

She came home yesterday. Papa went to the airport to get her. He did ask us if we would like to go, but we took a vote and decided to just wait here. As you know, I do not like long car trips unless Gramma is holding me. Oscar has been bothered by his shoulder and did not want to go, since his favorite thing to do is stand up against the door to look out the window. Emmy decided to just stay with us. She is pretty easy going, you know.

We heard the sound of Gramma's car as it came into the park. I went to the window to let the others know that it was indeed our car, with Gramma in it! I saw her first! "Hurry!!" we all barked and then Oscar started to howl with joy. Emmy joined in. I tried, but I don't do so well with this howling. Oscar says my pitch is too high and the sound I make is annoying. Can you believe he said that to me? He called it "constructive criticism", I called it rude.

Finally, Papa opened the door and we all ran to greet her. She was so happy to see us. She was talking to us and petting us. I am tallest, so I got the very first pet! While she was petting the others I leaned against her leg and sniffed ................ I smelled you! I did!! I jumped and ran in circles. Then I ran to the car to see if just maybe you might be in it! I knew that Gramma said that it would be a lot warmer before you came to see me, but I just wanted to make sure. You were not in the car. That is okay, I will just go sniff Gramma some more.

So, there I was sniffing sweet boy smells, and I detected more smells. I smelled the girls. There was a strong smell of Jada on Gramma's neck mixed with a little bit of Zara. I bet Jada gave Gramma a big hug before she got on the plane. Maybe Zara was not in a hugging mood. I did not detect any Maya smells either. I suppose she must have been in school. I could smell your Uncle Jeff, too. I continued sniffing and ................. I smell another dog! I smell cat, too. No, wait, I smell even another dog on her shoes! It is that giant dog, Georgie, the one who lives with Gage and Layla and Aunt Jill and Uncle Nick. I am so scared of her. But, don't tell her, okay?

I smelled another smell of a dog and I searched my memory, cause I think I know this smell. It is the smell of a Boxer. Not Rocky, but I think I must have been very young when I knew this dog. There was a spot on Gramma's leg. I think this dog from my past may have licked Gramma's pant leg. I thought and I thought. I kept going to that one spot and sniffing. I know this smell. I knew this smell when I lived at your house when I was just a pup. I got it!! I remember this Boxer .... her name is Laila! She is Leah's dog. How did her smell get on Gramma? I remember playing with Laila when I lived with you. Did Gramma go see her while she stayed with you? I heard Gramma tell someone that she would be keeping a bride's dog while she took care of you. I don't really know what a bride is, but I guess that Leah must be one.

I sent Gramma with lots of kisses for you. Did she kiss you a lot? I told her to give you all my kisses. I am glad that Gramma went to see you and take care of you, but .......... I am really glad she is home!

Your very happy dog, Wall-E

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  1. Wall E, I'm so glad your gramma got home safely! It sounds like it was a pretty interesting trip she had. I'd ask her about how to get to your boy's school if you want to hear a funny story! Your boy is pretty smart!