Friday, April 1, 2011

Getting The Store Ready

Dear Gavin, I wish the weather would turn warm! I know that Gramma and Papa will be very busy when it gets warm, but I am really tired of all the ice and snow, aren't you? Gramma said that soon you will be playing baseball. I wish I could go watch you play. I would be so good. I would sit in Gramma's lap and I wouldn't even chase the ball. Really. I wouldn't. I would want to, but I wouldn't. Gramma told Papa to get in her car the other day. She said they were going to Sam's. Who is Sam? Papa said that they should take the truck if they were going to get supplies for the store. Gramma said they should drive her car because she got better mileage. What is this mileage she speaks of and who is Sam? Papa said okay, but that they would have to cram everything in tightly and that Gramma may end up without any leg room. Leg room?What does that mean? Leg room, mileage, and who is this one they call Sam??

They got into Gramma's car without answering any of my questions. I think that is very rude, don't you? They were gone a long time and Oscar was in charge. He insisted that we nap the entire time. The fire went out and they did not turn the furnace up, so we all snuggled together with a blanket and slept. Well, they slept, I was still wondering about Sam and why they went to see him and why Gramma would have to hold her legs in the air while something called mileage was low. I was very confused.

Finally, they returned. Sam's is a store. A really big store were you can buy lots of stuff. Did you know that? Papa and Gramma were bringing all kinds of boxes into the store and the house. Us dogs went out the front door to let them know how much we missed them. Really, we just wanted some treats from them. If you are very careful and really cute ...... you can get a treat from Papa and then another one from Gramma. Bet you didn't know that!
I saw Emmy get into the car. She was looking every where for treats for us dogs. She even checked the front seat, but she could not find any.

I climbed in and helped with the search. There was lots of candy. See that big bag called Hot Tamales? I tried one and it burned my tongue. I spit it out and Emmy ate it. I won't be doing that again!

I was very disappointed. A bunch of candy and crackers for the store, but no yummy treats for us dogs!

Emmy looked to the right .........

and she looked to the left while I continued to search for those treats. Emmy told me that my efforts were useless and she was looking for Gramma so that she could get down.

Turns out that they did get treats for us, but they took them in first and they were waiting until they unloaded the car to give us one. Gramma was happy to report that she had plenty of leg room and that they saved a lot of money driving her car instead of Papa's truck.

I will be waiting patiently for you to get here when the sun starts to shine and melts all the ice away. I know that you will not forget to bring me a treat! I just might have a treat for you, too, my boy. Don't forget that I love you!

Your patient dog, Wall-E


  1. Wall E, they sure packed a lot of stuff in the car! I like going with Mom and Dad to run errands. I hope your boy is there to play with you soon!


  2. Hi, Wall-E!
    My mom is drooling looking at all those goodies in the car! Haaa! She is so silly!
    Glad you two got the treats at the end!
    Have a great weekend!
    Kisses and hugs