Monday, May 9, 2011

Why Do I Need A Bath??

Dear Gavin,

I am confused. Really. Gramma mowed grass yesterday and today. I was good. I did not roll in the fresh clippings until my white hair turned green. I did not go near the bag that held all the poop Gramma removed from our yard. I did not leap into the air and bounce off the side of Gramma's leg causing her pain. I did none of these things. I was good, I tell you. My behaviour was very close to perfect! So, why, I ask you, did Gramma insist on giving me a bath today?

Gramma actually missed the monthly washing of us dogs last month. Emmy wanted to remind her, but Oscar and I threatened to tell on her for getting out of the fence and show Gramma where the opening was. Gramma found it anyway, so I guess it was just a matter of time before we would have that bath ............

Oscar just closes his eyes and lets Gramma bath him. Really, there isn't much he could do to stop her. When Gramma decides it is time for a bath ..... it is time for a bath. Gramma says that Oscar was starting to smell like a hound. I thought he was a hound. But, Gramma says that if you sleep in her bed you will also have a bath.

Emmy likes a bath. Her hair gets curly when it gets wet. She likes for Gramma to hold her all wrapped up like a baby. Oscar and I prefer to shake and run round and round in circles. You should try it, it is fun.

After I run in circles and am almost dry I snuggle up on this blanket. Do you remember this blanket? You gave it to me when I was a little puppy. You told me that it was your blanket when you were a little baby. It doesn't smell like you anymore. Gramma washed it. She sure does like to wash stuff, doesn't she? She sat down with me tonight after I ran round and round in circles. She picked me up and held me. She told me that I was a good boy for not fighting with her while she washed me. That made me feel better. Then she told me that you hated to bathe, too! She told me that you did not want to take a shower while she was there and that she had to make you get into the shower and then she had to make you use shampoo and soap. Then, she said you would not get out of the shower!!

Gramma says that when you talked later you admitted to her that the shower made you feel good! She said that you told her that you didn't know why you hated to get in. This is amazing! I feel exactly the same way! Gramma scrubbed me until I was squeaky clean and I have to admit that I feel great! We are alike, you and I. I am missing you tonight, my boy. But, the weather is getting warmer every day and I know I will see you soon. I will make a pact with you. I won't give Gramma a hard time about my bath if you won't give your mom a hard time about your shower. Deal? Okay. Don't forget that I love you!!

Your deal making dog, Wall-E


  1. I HATE TO TAKE A BATH TOO!!! My Gramma too makes me smell all girly and for the same reason, cause I'm a sleepin'withGramma kind of girl! I came here to live with her when my mom and dad split up and now Gramma says she's got the custody and he makes my Dad pay something called "childsupport" and I'm guessing that's something like a crutch or maybe it's a cast...anyway loved visiting with you today and meeting your sibs...

  2. I like to play in the water, but I hate a bath, too! Oh, just when you get a perfect stink on, they try to wash it off! It just isn't right!


  3. Wall-E!
    I don't like when my mom says I am a stinky girl!
    But I have to say... I love baths!
    And with this very hot weather here.... Oh-boy! I'd like to get a bath... every hour!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs