Sunday, September 27, 2009

I Can See Out This Door

Dear Gavin,

Gramma calls this a screen door. I can see through this stuff called screen. Can You see me? Gramma says that she can see me.

See that hole......... I must confess that I did it. Oscar said that confession is good for the soul. I did not know what that meant and I had to ask Gramma. She told me that if you tell the truth you will feel better. Gee, why didn't he just say that?

I was looking out that door called a screen one day and I saw this man come up to the store. He was riding in this thing they call a golf cart. I do not know why this contraption is called a golf cart. Anyway he brought this dog along. Just look at that dog laughing at me because I am stuck here behind this silly door. I did not let him just laugh at me, no, I did not! I barked and I barked. Oscar and Emmy joined in until Gramma showed us her fly swatter. She must have lots of them because she will just appear with one in her hand. Anyway I didn't stop barking and she picked me up and asked if I would like to go out and meet that dog!!!! Is she crazy? NO!!! I do not care how nice she tells me this dog is. He is bigger than me, can she not see that?

Oscar called me a scaredy cat. Cat.... I am not a cat. I will confess that I am scared, but I am not a cat. Because I was scared and did not want to go out to meet this dog I quit barking. Gramma tricked me, didn't she?

Here is another dog that was in our park. Gramma called him a mere pup. What kind of dog is that? Oscar told me that "mere" means "only". Okay, I still don't know what kind of dog this is. Is he a Follow dog like me? Oscar and Emmy are Dachshund dogs. That dog in the other picture is a Golden Retriever. This pup, though, we do not know. Do you know what kind of dog this is?

I hope you can tell me what this dog is. Gramma says it is a mystery. She says that I will make a fine detective because I am not afraid to ask questions. Will that make me a Detective dog? Write soon and let me know if you can help me solve this mystery.

It is no mystery that you are my boy. Don't forget that I love you!

Your faithful dog,


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