Thursday, June 4, 2009

Hey, That's For Me!!

Dear Gavin,

Gramma bought me a new toy. See it? I like that color, I think it is my favorite. Gramma says it is orange. I like the way it sounds when she says it. But that is not the reason I am writing. Oscar took my toy! He walks around with it and won't let me have it. Gramma says that he is jealous. Jealous....what is jealous? That is a new word and Oscar won't tell me what it means. Is that because he is jealous?

Emmy said she thinks it means that he doesn't like Gramma buying stuff for me all the time and not him. She said that it was okay with her because she knows that Gramma will always love her no matter what. Emmy thinks it might be because we are both guy dogs and said that guys are more competitive. That means that we both want to be the best. Gramma said that I was the best white dog in the world and that Oscar is the best black dog in the world.

I guess I can share my toy with him. I mean, he did let me play with his new ball. Gramma says that we play tug-of-war with the orange toy. I didn't know what that was, but she told me to grab one end with my teeth and then she told Oscar to grab the other end. Man, that was fun! Your Gramma has some pretty good ideas.

I like tug-of-war and I like orange; but I love you! Gramma says that you will be here tomorrow. She has been getting everything ready for you. She said we will have a party while you are here because you will have a birthday and turn 5. I am not sure I will like that........ When you turn 5, will you still be my boy? Oscar said that was the dumbest question I have asked..... so far. He thinks he is so smart. Emmy scolded him for not being very nice. I guess he is jealous cause I have a boy and he doesn't. Now I feel kind of bad for him..........every dog should have a boy, shouldn't they?

Gramma told me not to worry because you would always be my boy no matter how many birthdays you have. I was glad to hear that! Do you think you could play with Oscar, too? He likes to play catch with his ball. He doesn't care much about being picked up and petting, but he really likes to chase that ball. I would consider it a personal favor if you could indulge him. Ha ha. I have been listening to that cat, Gremlin talk. How did I sound?

Gramma made all of take a bath last night. I didn't want to and I scartched Gramma on the neck. I got in trouble for that and she says she is buying a muzzle for me and that my nails will be clipped no matter how much I protest. Yep, had to ask Emmy what a muzzle is. She told me that Gramma used one on her to cut her nails. She says I will not like it at all. It goes over my mouth! I won't be able to use my teeth to show Gramma that I don't like what she is doing! This is not good; no, not at all. Emmy said that Gramma only used it one time on her, now she lets Gramma cut her nails. I am afraid that Oscar and I both are going to have to try out this muzzle thing. I do not want her to take those things and cut my nails, I like my nails, I do! Oscar agrees with me on this subject and we are planning a protest. Oscar says we should howl as loud as we can. I plan to hide for as long as I can and then run as fast as I can. Oscar says that will not work. He says Gramma will get me in the end. She is tricky, that Gramma of yours!

Gramma says that our time is up. She has grass to cut and gardens to tend and time is of the essence. I think that means that she is done here her and I have to get out of her lap. I will see you tomorrow! I am sooooooooooo excited. Don't forget that you are my boy and I love you!

Your dog, Wall-E

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