Monday, June 22, 2009

I Miss You!

Dear Gavin,

I know I told you in a letter that I thought it would be fun to ride in that wagon behind the tricycle.............. sorry I jumped out. I was scared! I thought to myself, "Oh, no, this whole thing could turn over!" I must confess that I did not realize what a careful driver you were. Emmy said she had a very pleasant ride with you. And now you are gone and I find myself wishing for another chance!

Where did you go? You were here..... I know you were, I saw you. You played with me and I slept with you every night. Then all of a sudden the house was very quiet........ and you weren't here any more. Where did you go? I miss you!

There were a lot of people here. I saw Maya and Jada and Zara. I had the greatest time under the table when all you guys ate. You dropped some really yummy food for me. Oscar and Emmy liked it, too! I really like Baby Zara. She gave me pretzels...... then she chased me! I remember a long time ago when I still lived in Minnesota. I went to your Uncle Jeffy's house with you. Baby Zara didn't even know how to walk! She can run now. It was okay, though, because I can still run faster than her and I ate everything she gave me. She never caught me!

Did you go with your Aunt Diane? I know I never saw your mom come back..... but there were a lot of people here. I saw Gramma Barb here with the girls! How did she get here? She went to the pool with you guys. Papa tried to give her a life vest to wear and she laughed at him! I thought it was funny, too, cause that life vest was for a baby! I really like Gramma Barb....... she brought food!

I really miss sleeping on that cot in Gramma's room with you. I was kind of hoping that Gramma would leave it there. When I jumped on it I could get up on Gramma's bed a whole lot easier. Gramma told me that it was not a trampoline and to stop jumping on it. What is a trampoline? Oscar and Emmy say they have no idea what she is talking about. In all their life with Gramma, this is a new word. I would really appreciate it if you could find out and let me know what it is. Emmy said that curiosity killed the cat. Curiosity....... what is that. Whatever it is that cat Gremlin must not have it, cause he is still here. Spooky, the other cat, doesn't have it either.

I watched you play from that big window in the house. Gramma says we leave nose prints on it when us dogs look out. She sprays it with something she calls Windex and then wipes all our nose prints off. That is a good thing, because after awhile it is hard to see out that window. I saw you help Gramma shovel rock from that big, big pile that Papa put there with that big truck. He called it a dump truck. You and Gramma are really good shovellers, because after only three days that pile was gone. I even saw you help Gramma dig holes and plant a garden. I did not know you were so strong!

When the girls came I watched you all ride your bikes. I liked watching you, but I liked playing with you even more! Write to me soon and tell me where you are and what those new words mean. I really want to know about curiosity. I will not rest well until I know what it is and why it kills cats. Don't forget that I love you, my boy!

Your dog, Wall-E

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