Thursday, January 27, 2011

Good News

Dear Gavin,
I have some news! Great news as far as I am concerned. That dog, Zeke, will be leaving here today! Things are not going too well between Zeke and Oscar. Not only that, I do not like this big dog at all. He wants to play with me, but he is too rough. I bit him a couple of times. I was really brave, cause Papa was holding me while I did this. But ................ last night was the worst night of all!

Last night was the first time that Papa was at work and Gramma had to get Zeke inside and handle him alone. He came in and things were going okay. He jumped up on the couch, even though Gramma told him "NO" and "DOWN". So, Gramma told him to sit and he did. He was on one side Of Gramma and Emmy and I were on the other side. Emmy was actually hiding underneath me. Oscar was on the floor. Gramma was petting Zeke and talking to him about our rules. She gave him a good scratch on his neck and he seemed to enjoy it. He gave Gramma a big sloppy kiss and she told him he was a good boy. She was still petting him when all of a sudden he stood up and lunged for ME! Yikes! I was taken totally off guard and I snapped at him. He leaned on Gramma and pinned her to the couch. She could not move! She only had one arm free and she was holding me with that arm. Emmy began crying and whimpering and Gramma was telling Zeke "NO, DOWN ZEKE, BAD, ZEKE!!" But Zeke did not listen and he started growling at me and baring his teeth! Oscar jumped onto the couch to protect us and Gramma finally pulled her other arm loose to push Zeke away and he bit Gramma!!

Can you believe this? Gramma was very upset. She grabbed me and Emmy into one arm and put us in her bedroom and closed the door, then she went and grabbed Oscar and came into her bedroom and closed the door. When Papa came home, that is where we were. Gramma's hand was hurting and she was upset. Zeke bit Gramma on her arthritis joint. He did not make her bleed and that was a good thing. Oh my boy, was Oscar ever mad! He said it is important to let Gramma tell us what to do, because she is the real boss around here. Papa and Gramma left us dogs in the bedroom and finally got Zeke in his kennel. Then all of us small dogs got back on the sofa with Gramma and Papa so we could listen to them talk. Gramma didn't say anything at first, but Papa said that Zeke would have to go. Gramma was sad for Zeke. His other person never taught him manners and he is used to having the run of the house. We have rules here. I have told you about them, right? Well, Gramma thinks that Zeke has learned too many bad habits and he is so big and so strong that Gramma can't teach him. Gramma and Papa were sad, but us dogs are sooooooooooo happy that he is going to live with someone else!!

Right now Zeke is in our back yard. See the picture of me in the parking lot? Can you see me against the snow? The snow is white and I am white. I could easily hide in the snow! Well, because Zeke is in our backyard, I am having to relieve myself in the parking lot! Oh, and you should see the back yard! That big dog has destroyed it!! He took the screen out of the window!!! Gramma is none too pleased with his shenanigans.

Inside was not much better. Do you see him standing on the table? That is strictly prohibited (that is a word that means you better not do it or you will be in big trouble). Gramma is still a little sad, though. She said that she wanted Zeke to have a good life, but that we are not the right family for him.

All I know is that I am in the right family and I am happy to see Zeke go live with another family. I have the best family of all! I have a family here in Missouri and I have family in Minnesota! And ........ I have the best boy in the whole world! Don't forget I love you the best!

Your happy dog, Wall-E


  1. Oh my goodness, that was such a scary situation for all of you! We are thankful that no one was hurt that bad, especially Gramma, and most especially you Wall-E! It is too bad about Zeke, butt it sounds like he is better off in a 1 dog house and we are sure that Gramma and Papa will find a good forever home for him.

    Waggles & Chi kisses, Chewy & Lilibell

  2. Wall E, I feel bad for Zeke. He is paying for mistakes that someone else made, and I have my paws crossed for him that he will find a good home where they can teach him how to be a good dog! I'm glad that you and your gramma are okay!


  3. Wall-E!
    I am so sorry things did not work with Zeke.
    Sounds like it was a bad episode. Glad you are ok!
    But I am sure he will find the perfect home soon.
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs