Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Dear Gavin,

Just look at Papa with that other dog. Do you see this? I am quite indignant. Oscar told me this word to say. I was just going to say that I was kind of mad at Papa for bringing this dog into our house. Then I heard them talking about this dog living in our house and I was really upset. And , then, as if all this was not bad enough, Papa scolded me! He scolded me for not liking this dog! Me, his loyal companion. I keep Papa warm at night in his bed. I always sit near Papa when he is at home. He even said I was the best dog he ever had. Please don't tell the others, okay?

This dog is a bloodhound. I don't even know what that means. Gramma says he is just a puppy. I don't care for him at all, puppy or not. We were perfectly happy here without this new dog.

It happened this morning. I was sitting with Gramma while she drank her coffee and played with her computer. Gramma always plays with her computer while she has her coffee. Papa went outside and said he would be right back. Papa always goes outside in the morning. A little bit later we heard Papa's truck. Papa did not come in the door, though. He came in the store door. Gramma made me and Oscar go outside. She kept Emmy inside and we heard her bark for just a few minutes. Then she came and got just me, Oscar had to stay outside. She told me to be nice, that she wanted me to meet someone. I saw this dog looking into our house!!

Gramma took me into the store. I was so scared!! That dog was so big. I got myself under the table and stayed there. Oh, and I barked. A lot. Gramma got mad at me! She had to drag me out and then she put me in our house and took Oscar in to meet this big dog she called Zeke. So, I thought to myself, "Okay, Zeke, you are in for it now!" I knew Oscar would not be afraid to let this bloodhound know who was boss here. I sat right behind the door and waited to hear Oscar take this dog down ............... Nothing happened. Oscar liked this dog called Zeke! I have never felt so betrayed!

Gramma told Papa that she felt like things were going well and then she let Zeke into our house! I got on the back of the sofa so that I could be taller than a bloodhound and look down at Zeke. I quit barking, but I growled the whole time. This dog named Zeke did not seem to care what I did. I found that to be very annoying. It made me want to just bite him! As if that wasn't bad enough, Emmy told me to calm down and just ignore him.

Oscar started playing with this dog and running after his stupid ball. I refused to play, though. I was too mad. Oscar and Papa betrayed me, I tell you, and I wanted them to know. Gramma picked me up and she told me that she still loved me and she kissed my face. But she was tricking me, because then she sat down in thefloor and called Zeke over. He was all nice and calm, but I was still very mad and would noy be nice to him. Gramma scolded me and told me if I could not be nice that I would have to spend the afternoon in my kennel! What? She told me that she would put the door back on and lock me in! Gramma betrayed me, too!

The betrayal goes on, too. You will not believe it, but even Miss Yvonne betrayed me! Miss Yvonne tells Gramma to let me go in the store to see her and everybody else all the time. She said I was the best little dog ever. Then she comes in to meet this bloodhound, too. Just look at them all huggy. Betrayed, I tell you, they have all betrayed me. Even that cat just watched Zeke calmly and never hissed at him or anything. Betrayed by every single one!
I wish you were here, my boy. I know that you would not have been led to betray me by the good looks of this young bloodhound with his wrinkly sad face. Would you? No, of course not. Zeke went back home, but Gramma says that he will be coming to live with us next week. I don't know if I am going to like it, but I don't know for how long I can growl and bark. This has not been a real good day for me, my boy. Really, really bad day.
Your betrayed dog, Wall-E


  1. Oh my dear Wall-E! I feel your pain. A puppy is bad enough, but a giant one is really, really, bad! If you decide you cannot adjust, you may come to the castle and live with us. :)

    Emma Rose

  2. Oh, Wall E! I am most sorry by this shocking turn of events! I think you are much cuter than a Bloodhound, if it makes you feel any better. Still, he's a young fellow, and you're a young fellow, too, so maybe he might be fun to play with, if you give him a chance. Otherwise, see if you can catch a ride north to our house!


  3. Oh quit feeling sorry for yourself! The bloodhound is a cutie and so are you--though you decided to show a nasty little side of yourself!

    I did not betray you, but bad behavior is not rewarded by Yvonne. No, you were not a good dog, so you had to be trained to be a good dog so that the pack will be happy together.

    Of course Yvonne still loves you--and does she call you ugly? NO!!! She just wants you to be a well adjusted, happy boy--just like her dogs and cats.

    Zeke was being a good boy--you were not. Get over yourself fella!

    If you push Zeke too far, you will be the one to suffer because even that big old laid back lug has limits! And you and I both know that it will not be his fault if you push him to the point that he has to protect himself!

    Tough love--great life! Peace and dog kisses Wall-E ;-D