Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Safe and Secure

Dear Gavin,

I am still working on my vocabulary. Hey, I even know what the word vocabulary means! A vocabulary is a group of words that I know the meaning of. Gramma says that if you have a big vocabulary it is easier to say things. Gramma likes words; Papa said so. He said that Gramma likes to use her words to tell stories. Gramma tells me stories some times. Does she tell you stories?

I know two new words that I want to tell you about today. Safe and secure are my new words. Safe means free from harm. I am safe when I am with Gramma and Papa. That means that nothing and nobody will hurt me. Did you know that some words have more than one meaning? This is very confusing to me. A safe can also be a box that you put things in that you don't want to lose. See what I mean? Confusing! Oscar tells me that I will be able to figure out what the word means by the way it is used in a sentence. What? Emmy says not to worry that I will get the hang of this vocabulary thing and that my boy will, too.

In the picture I am asleep on Gramma's leg. I felt very safe there on Gramma's leg. The flash on the camera woke me a little, but I went right back to sleep

See Oscar? He feels safe, too. Sometimes I play tricks on him when he is sleeping. I will get one of our toys and throw it on him with my mouth, then I will run and hide. It is great fun. Sometimes he will just go back to sleep and ignore me. Sometimes he will grab the toy and run from me, then we will play. But, sometimes, he gets really mad and growls loud and bites at me. I don't like it when he does that!

Secure is the other word that I know. This word means that I am not in danger. That is almost just like safe, don't you think? Gramma always tells us dogs that we are safe and secure because she loves us and she won't let anything hurt us. Did I tell you that I love Gramma?

Remember I told you that we got this thing called a motor home? Well here it is. I figured out why they call it a motor home. You can actually live in this thing. It has a bed to sleep in and a bathroom and a kitchen to cook in, with a table to eat on. It is on wheels and it has a motor so you can drive down the road. Get it? Motor.....home. Gramma says that I am quite clever. That means that I can figure things out. She is right, I am a pretty smart dog.

Gramma say that we will be hitting the road soon. That makes no sense at all, why would we hit the road? Emmy says it is an expression and means that we will get in the motor home and go on a trip. I must confess that I am not looking forward to it. I prefer the quiet life and staying home with Gramma and Papa. I think everyone should come see us. Oscar says that I should broaden my horizons. I will have to get back to you on that since I have no idea what that word horizon means.

I hope that you are learning lots of things in school. Gramma tells me that your mom says that you have a girlfriend. This is okay, I guess. She doesn't have a dog, does she? I don't know if I would like that. A girl is one thing..... but a girl with a dog.... I don't think so. Just remember that you are spoken for in the dog department, okay. Remember that I love you and don't forget that you are my boy.

Your faithful dog,

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