Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Dear Gavin,

I am writing about another new word today. That word is bully. This is one of those words with different meanings. Gramma helped me look in the dictionary. It says that this word describes "one who is habitually cruel to others weaker than himself".

Gramma says that Oscar is a bully. Does he look like a bully? Well, I guess he kind of does in this picture. His eyes are glowing. He looks like some of those scary things that Gramma had up for Halloween. They were scary faces with a light inside them so that they glowed in the dark. Personally, I did not care much for Gramma's decor for that holiday. I tried to stay away from it all. She would laugh like a witch and scare us dogs out of a nice little nap. Not funny.

Okay, enough about that Halloween stuff. Emmy says it only happens once a year and I am very glad about that. But that has nothing to do with bullies. But....wait, maybe it does. I bet bullies like to play tricks on Halloween night. And...I bet they aren't the funny ones like Gramma plays.

Gramma says that Oscar is a bully. I think she might be right about that.

See this nice dog? His name is Buddy. Gramma says that he is an old guy. His people take him to do his business in this golf cart. He doesn't even have to go for a walk!

Gramma says that he has a kind and gentle spirit. She says she can see this in his eyes. Gramma knows about these things, you know. She is very wise.

Gramma was talking to Mr. Tom, Buddy's person and she came inside to grab her camera. She said "STAY!" to us dogs and Emmy and I did. Oscar ran out the door and right into Buddy's golf cart. He attacked Buddy. Buddy didn't do anything to Oscar. I saw the whole thing with my own eyes. Emmy and I were quite embarrassed by his behaviour. We did not want anyone to think that we liked this, because we did not!

Gramma grabbed Oscar and spanked him hard. I heard her tell him that he was a bad, bad boy! Then I heard her say, "Growl at me, mister, and you will sorely regret it!" I am still wondering what all that means, but we will look up those words another day.

I need my nap now, my boy. The next letter I write may be from another state! We are going on a road trip and I will have lots to share with you. Don't forget that you are my boy and I love you.

Your non-bully dog,


  1. H Wall-E,

    Thanks for visiting my blog. You look kinda like a Rat Terrier so I know we can be terrific furiends!

    Bully can also be something good. As in, "bully stick". You know what those are? My fav treat!


  2. OIC, well JRT and RT's are purdy similar 'cept us Ratties have an off switch! BOL

    Our mom says we are her velcro dogs for the same reason.


  3. This is a great way to learn new words. Thanks for the lesson. I really like your blog.

    ~ Yaya

    Yaya's Changing World