Thursday, November 26, 2009

Road Trip

Dear Gavin,
Remember that motor home I told you about? Well, we went on a trip. This word trip is a tricky one, let me tell you. Gramma got out that big book she calls a dictionary and we looked it up together. It had a lot of different meanings. Gramma says that the one we were looking for was "voyage or journey". She said it meant we were going to travel.

Oscar and Emmy were excited. They tell me that taking a trip is great fun. They tell me that we will get to see a lot of new stuff and get out at different places. I am not so sure I want to take a trip. I still remember getting into Gramma's car that day we went to get the motor home. I did not like it, no, I did not! There were all these other cars and trucks and they were all moving and we were moving and my head was spinning round and round and round. How can they think this will be fun?

Well, the day came and Gramma and Papa got up early. They got dressed and Gramma said we had to wear our harnesses. Mine is purple with white dots. I think it makes me look like a clown, don't you? I wish that you would have a talk with Gramma about this. I think I need something in leather. I am thinking black would be nice with some zippers and chains. Yes, that would be more to my liking!

Well, enough about the way I am dressed. Gramma was pretty smart and she brought along my favorite blankie and I snuggled up on it. I was glad to have something that smelled like me and Gramma, really I was. But.... I still felt a little queasy with all the movement. Queasy is another new word, it means that I was a little sick in my tummy. I felt like yakking up everything I ate, but I didn't.

That Gramma of yours is really smart. She brought along my old kennel. I felt safe and secure in it! Papa even took the able out so it would fit. I love Papa!

We traveled for two whole days! We stopped to do our business and for Papa to put gas in the tank. He grumbled about how much it cost every time. The first night we stopped at a campground in a place called Tennessee. I will tell you about it tomorrow. I am still on Eastern Standard time and it feels like bedtime to me!

I have decided that I should take a trip to Minnesota soon. I am quite the seasoned traveler now. I think I will wait until Gramma has time to make a more suitable harness for me. I think that perhaps Gramma and I will make this trip to see you, just us two. What do you think of that? I am missing my boy on this Thanksgiving Day. So as I lay me down to sleep I am thinking of you my boy.

Love from your dog,

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