Saturday, August 1, 2009

I Like My Belly Scratched

Dear Gavin,

I have been missing you a lot lately. Gramma and Papa are always so busy. When they get through with their work they are too tired to play with me. I like to run and jump high into the air! I really like to bite things, too. I have been getting into lots of trouble for chewing up things. Remember I told you that I chewed up Gramma's shoe? I destroyed the other shoe, too. She was not all. I figured it wouldn't matter so much since the other shoe was all chewed up. She didn't see things my way, though. I got another spanking with what was left of the shoe. Boy, was she ever mad!

Papa felt sorry for me and he stopped working for a few minutes and gave me a really nice belly scratch while he talked to me.

Gramma took our picture......twice. She says she sees a tiny difference in the two pictures, but I don' you? Papa wears these cool shirts now in my favorite! I really like that color. I told you that didn't I? I like the way it sounds when Gramma says that word.

I would rather have Papa mad at me than Gramma. He will talk about it first and then by the time he is through talking he forgets that he was supposed to punish you. Not Gramma. She says she is taking care of business first and talking later. At first I though she was going to go use the bathroom first, cause when she takes us dogs out she tells us to do our business. I am so confused. Gramma is a very confusing lady. Do you think so, too?

That is Emmy on the couch when Papa was talking to me. She would not look at me. I think she is that thing Gramma calls jealous. She wanted Papa to play with her, not me. That is what that word jealous means, I think.
Remember that old cat, Gremlin? He is gone. Gramma said he was an old Indian and he went off because it was his time to die. I thought he was a cat! What is an Indian? Is that a kind of cat? That other cat, Spooky, is acting strange. Is that cat an Indian, too? Spooky refuses to eat out of Gremlin's old dish. Hey, give it to me, I will eat it!
That is strange enough, but today, while I am writing this, that cat Spooky, came up on the porch making this strange meowing sound. Papa went to see what was going on and that cat had caught a mouse and brought it to the door! Gramma called it a rat, but Papa said it was just a very big mouse. Gramma said that it looked like a full grown pregnant one at that. Emmy told me that means the big mouse had babies in her belly. Emmy knows these things, cause she had babies one time.
I am getting tired now. It is raining and I think a nice nap here in Gramma's lap would feel good today. I love you, my boy, don't forget that!
Your Dog,

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