Sunday, August 9, 2009

Dear Gavin,

Gramma told me that you and your mom were dog sitting yesterday! You sat on dogs? I hope they were very big dogs. Then Gramma told me that the dogs you were sitting on were Minnie and Molly!! Are you kidding me? They cannot be sat on by people, they would get hurt! I was shocked at your mom's behaviour and I told Emmy about it. Just look at her............ She said no way would sitting on dogs be a good thing! She told me that this is a great fear she has when she sees someone about to sit down when she is on the sofa. Her eyes got big and her ears went up. See? Well Oscar walked in while we were talking and he said we were dumb; that Gramma had not said that you and your mom were sitting on Molly and Minnie! He said that sitting means that you were taking care of them.

I am so relieved to hear this! I cannot tell you how afraid I was for Molly and Minnie. Gramma said that Grampa and Grandma had to go on a little trip and that they asked you to take care of them. Wow, I bet that made you feel pretty special that they trusted you with Molly and Minnie.

Hey, how come you didn't come and get me? I wanted to go help. It would have been great fun to see them again. I bet they wouldn't even recognize me since I am such a big dog now. Gramma says I am quite a homely little fellow! Homely is good, right?

I have made a new friend. He is what Gramma calls a camper. His name is Don and when he comes into the store I get to go out and see him....just me! He plays with me and picks me up. Gramma says that she is too old to rough house with me. I am not sure what that means, but she doesn't like it when I leap into the air and bite at her hands. Do you think that is this thing called rough house? I don't think Gramma is too old, do you?

I want to tell you about this really mean trick that Gramma played on me. Remember that she had a birthday? Well somebody gave her these things called balloons. They have these strings on them that hang down and they stay up at the top of the room. Well that fan they call a ceiling fan hit them and it made a lot of noise and scared me. I tell you I was scared out of my wits (I don't really know what wits are, but I heard it on a TV program and I like the sound of it). Well that was bad enough, but she tied a string around Oscar's neck and that balloon was going every where he went! See him? He didn't even care. I laughed and laughed. He looked so funny. He just looked at me and told me that I was easily amused. I do not know what any of that means, but he was sure funny. Gramma finally took it off and told Oscar that he was a good sport. He was playing ball and I think that is a that what she was talking about? She is still kind of hard to figure out, that Gramma of yours.

She laughed at Oscar, too. But....and I don't know why she did this...she tied that string around me!!!!!! That balloon FOLLOWED me everywhere I went. I ran and it ran! I jumped and it jumped! I could not get away and I did not like it; no, I did not. When I ran it made an awful noise and no matter how fast I went it would not leave me! Gramma laughed some more and I did not like it. Finally I ran into my kennel!

Guess what? That balloon could not get in! "Ha Ha Ha" I said to that silly balloon, "You cannot come into my kennel, so there!" But.........every time I tried to come out it would jump right back over my head. Gramma begged me to come out so that she could take my picture, but I refused and she had to take that hateful balloon away. I am not mad at her any more, but I did not let her pet me for many long minutes!

This has been a long letter, my boy, and I have grown sleepy. I hope that you will remember that you are my boy and that I love you.

Your dog, Wall-E

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