Monday, April 5, 2010

I Wanted To Go!!

Dear Gavin,
I am very upset with Gramma and Papa! I heard Gramma telling someone on the phone that she was going to the airport to see you. Does she think I can't hear her?

All day yesterday she was busy in the kitchen. She kept telling us dogs to move while she was making all kinds of yummy stuff. She let me have a lick of something sweet that she called cupcakes. She said that if you were here in her house she would have let you lick the beaters, so she let me have a lick for you. Because you are my boy. I was not too happy about the noise that mixer makes, but Oscar says that noise means that Gramma is baking a treat. Emmy says that if you stay close and watch carefully that something might drop to the floor and if you are quick you can scoop it up with your tongue. Oscar prefers to wait for Gramma to give something to Papa to try .......... he always makes good crumbs. Oh, I get it!! This is why Gramma calls us dogs her little vacuum cleaners ........... we clean up the mess that Papa makes. Maybe she should call Papa "Job Security" for us dogs!

After Gramma finished all the cooking she put all the food and some paper plates and forks and all kinds of stuff in a big bag ............. and they left!! She was in such a hurry that she forgot to tell us which one of us was in charge. I guess you know that Oscar decided it should be him, cause he is the oldest. I was so sad that I didn't care. We took a vote and it was unanimous ............. we took a long nap. It seemed like we slept forever before we heard Gramma's car coming in the drive.

We all started howling to let her know that we were happy that she came home. She came in and gave each of us a treat, then she loaded all the pictures from her camera and let me see you. I was happy to see you, but I wanted to sit in your lap and lick your face. I was happy and sad all at the same time! Gramma says that is called "bittersweet". Words are funny, don't you think?

It is warmer outside, but it keeps raining. Papa and Gramma are both outside a lot getting the park ready for all the campers. Oscar says to keep an eye on the pool. He says that when the pool is full of water it will mean that summer has started and then you will come. He says that all of the grandchildren will come. Emmy says she loves it when all of you guys come so that she can hang out under the table while you eat! She says that the girls are the best for crumbs! She said that if you hang out close to the youngest you can get a lot of dropped food. I think I will give that a try!

I must go now, Gramma says there is still a lot to do and that "times-a-wastin". I will ponder that while I nap. Writing is hard work, you know! Don't forget that I love you so much, my boy, and can't wait to lick your face!

Your dog, Wall-E


  1. Oh, Wall-E! I'm so sad that you didn't get to go! Couldn't you have ridden in the car and then visited with Gavin there for a minute?

    Those cupcakes sound like something I would like to try!


  2. Oh that's so sad you didn't get to see Gavin. But he is coming this summer, right? And that's not too far away, before you know it, he'll be here!!

    Waggles & Chi kisses, Chewy & Lilibell

    Pee Ess We like to hang around in the kitchen when Mom cooks, she's forever dropping little tid bits on the floor, BOL!

  3. Hi, Wall-E!
    I know how much you want to see Gavin in person!
    Glad Papa and Gramma are back and you could see the pictures!
    Kisses and hugs