Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I Smell You!!

Dear Gavin,
I have been waiting to write to you for such a long time! Gramma has been sick. She has been really sick and I know it is bad, but us dogs like it when she is sick. Gramma doesn't go in the store or her sewing room when she is sick. She lays in her bed or sits on the sofa ........... with us dogs. She told Papa that having us dogs close to her makes her feel better. Us dogs like to make her feel better.

Even though Gramma didn't feel very good she unpacked her luggage and told us all about her trip. She had to wash lots of clothes and she showed us lots and lots of pictures. I was so happy to see you on her computer. I looked and looked and I accidentally drooled a little on Gramma's keyboard. She wiped it off and I was glad to hear that I didn't ruin it. I was scared that she would be mad at me, but she wasn't.

Gramma was putting her luggage away and we heard her say, "I almost forgot!!!" Then she came back into the room where we all were and showed me a shirt. She was excited. Papa asked her if she wanted him to go put this shirt in the laundry. She told Papa that it would ruin it if he washed it. Us dogs wondered what she could be talking about. Gramma likes to wash everything, even us dogs. Then Gramma handed the shirt to Papa and told him to give it to me.

It was your shirt and I could smell you! My tail would not stop wagging and I was soooooo happy! I could smell my boy. I knew it was you, I will never forget your smell. Gramma put your shirt on me! Oscar and Emmy were laughing at me, but I knew they were jealous. They do not have a boy! I don't care how silly I look in your shirt.

I have a special hiding place. It is a chair with pillows and Oscar cannot jump up into it. He is old and fat. I am not. I hid his favorite toy in this chair! Don't you think I am so clever? When I want to play with him, I bring his toy down to the floor and we play tug-of-war. Sometimes I let him win (don't tell him I said that).

I keep your shirt in my chair. I don't want the other dogs to snuggle on it and steal your scent away. I can look at your picture and smell your smell and it makes me so happy!

I think I have figured out why I love Papa so much. He does not smell like you, but he does look like you! Gramma says that I have that backwards, that you look like Papa. All I know is that Gramma showed me this picture of you next to picture of Papa when he was boy and he looks like you!
Gramma is feeling much better and keeps going to her sewing room. She said that lots of birthdays are coming up and she has much to do before she leaves again. She is going to see you again. She says that she will bring me back some fresh boy smells and I can hardly wait.
Be a good boy and don't forget that I am here waiting for summer and your visit.
Your smelling dog, Wall-E


  1. Wall-E, we like it when our Mom is sick time she called out of work and stayed on the couch the whole. day. long and it was just pure bliss for us!!

    And wow, amazing how much Gavin looks like your Papa, we could hardly tell the difference!

    Waggles & Chi kisses, Chewy & Lilibell

  2. Wall E, what a great present, and it's so cool that you have your own hiding spot!

    Your boy sure does look a lot like your papa! Wow! They even have the same ears!