Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Dear Gavin,

I went exploring in the driveway today. Papa plowed the snow with that big blade on the front of his tractor. It was cool, cause I could walk and not sink down in the snow. But where are Gramma's flowers? And the grass?

Emmy was very cautious. She just watched me and Oscar while we ran. Gramma had to put down the camera because we were running down the driveway ........... we got in trouble. Emmy didn't.

Oscar stopped to lift his leg and pee on some globs of dirty snow. He said he was marking the territory to warn those bobcats not to come near our house.

Then he sniffed it to make sure he did a good job. Gramma says this is a disgusting habit he has.

I tasted the snow. It tastes just like water! Very cold water.
Are you playing in the snow today? I hope you remember to wear your gloves and hat. I have a fur coat to keep me warm! I miss you and wish that you were here to play with me.
Love, Wall-E


  1. Hi Wall-E,

    You are so lucky to have snow! We only got a dusting this year.

    Emma Rose

  2. Wall-E!
    That is a lot of snow!
    Sniffing my own pee is something I enjoy... but my mom does not agree with me!
    Kisses and hugs

  3. Hi Wall-E! I don't like snow. It makes me so cold. Don't you get cold out there? Haven't we had lots of snow this winter?