Thursday, January 28, 2010


Dear Gavin,

Is it cold at your house? It is very cold here. When Gramma gets out of the bed in the morning I like to take the covers and rearrange them around me and go back to sleep. It is all snuggly and warm and Papa is still asleep. We like to give Gramma some alone time so that she can read her blogs (blogs are stories that people write on the computer, Gramma says that I have a blog, too; she is wrong. I write you, right?). The real reason that Papa and I like to stay in bed is because it is warm in the bed. Gramma can get the fire going good while we are warm. Pretty smart, huh?
Okay, I am up! Stop with the camera already!

Hey, Papa, are you coming? Gramma says it is time to rise and shine ......... whatever that is supposed to mean. I can rise, that means get up .......... but how do I shine? Why does she say these things? Emmy says that she means to be happy and Oscar says that she means to be brave. I am so confused. Do you know what she means?

So, I have some news for you. I have more followers! I was very surprised to know that there are other animals writing on the computer! Gramma helped me find some and I am learning about other dogs and their lives! It is very exciting to read their blogs and they are reading my letters to you and they are leaving comments!!

I must go now and read some of my friends. Don't worry, though, you will always be my very best friend. I hope my new friends have boys like you to love! Gramma says that if I am good today we can call you on the phone and I can listen to your voice! I still do not know how this happens, that your voice can come out of that tiny little phone..................

Never forget that you are my boy and I love you!

Your dog, Wall-E


  1. Wall E, it's cold here, too. I get up, go outside to go potty and then hope it's a Saturday so I can go back to bed with Mom! I like sleeping in. I hope you find ways to stay warm! Say hello to your boy for me!


  2. Hi, Wall-E!
    Hot or cold... I love to stay under the covers all the time!
    I wish my mom could stay with me all the week so I could be on bed all the time! For some reason she calls me lazy.... hmmmm...
    I hope you had the chance to hear your boy's voice!
    Kisses and hugs