Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Snoopy....The Cat

Dear Gavin,

We met Granddaddy's cat. His name is Snoopy. I do not like his cat! Come to think of it, I have not met a cat I like. Cats have really sharp claws. They hide these claws and you cannot see them until they release them from the hiding place in their paws. This is an unfair advantage as far as I am concerned! Advantage is a new word for you and me...... let us see what it means.

The dictionary says.......a factor or circumstance of benefit to its possessor. That means that the cat's claws are good for him to fight other animals who might think he can't fight.

Look at Emmy. She is so tiny and so sweet. She actually likes to meet new people and animals. The only time she would ever fight is if you try to take her food, then she will show her teeth and growl. But when she met this cat called Snoopy she was wagging her tail and sniffing a friendly little sniff. That mean cat pulled out his claws and swatted Emmy in the head! Can you believe it. I was shocked. No way was I getting near that cat!

Now Oscar was really upset. You see, Emmy is his wife-dog and he does not like anyone bothering her...... not even me. While we were outside at Granddaddy's house he saw Snoopy on the porch and warned him that he would get him if he got out of that silly harness Gramma was making him wear. Snoopy ran over to Aunt Glenda's yard and hid!

Well, he tried to hide, but Gramma found him with her trusty camera.

Look at Granddaddy petting that mean cat! This is just wrong, don't you agree?
I will be staying away from cats and I suggest that you do, too! I love you, my boy.
Your faithful dog,


  1. Wall-E that is not a mean cat, it's a beautiful and you do have a good cat friend, Smokey, who lives on your front porch.

  2. Hi Wall-E,

    I hope you had a nice Christmas holiday. We only know one cat. He is kinda moody. One day he will be nice and play with us doggies then the next time we see him he is grouchy. Mom says dogs and cats can be furiends though cause she once had a cat that thought he was a dog. His best buddy was a big Golden Lab cross.